Damian Costa

Damian Costa is the preeminent theatrical producer in Las Vegas and is the answer to the question, “Who in the entertainment business knows?”. With a vast expanse of knowledge and lived experiences, Costa brings an enthusiastic burst of ideas and rock-solid follow-through to the plan. 


Costa started his career in the arena and stadium-sized venues where he became an expert in large-scale productions and intricacies of multi-faceted productions from the advancement of equipment to the details of on-property marketing. With more than 28 years of high-level Sports and Entertainment experience, Costa brings a rich and in-depth knowledge of the people and pathways that have created some of the most vibrant entertainment experiences in Las Vegas history. Wayne Newton commented to Las Vegas Review-Journal that Costa “is a classy guy”. 


After nearly a decade with Caesars Entertainment, Damian Costa launched Pompey Entertainment, his signature brand of entertainment management. Pompey Entertainment manages venues, artists, and shows such as Strip Headliners Farrell Dillon and Lioz. Pompey also designed and manges the Cupola Cafe, and live music venue the Duomo at the Rio. Pompey specializes in boutique shows with a focus on shows with a cast size of 20 or fewer, and venues under 1,000 seats. 


In addition to his professional life, Costa’s love for Las Vegas is woven deep into the community. He can be found supporting causes like The Southern Nevada Hall of Fame, Foster Care Advocates, as well as coaching wrestling and various youth sports. Costa brings warmth and genuine compassion for other people which is reflected in his personal life with his marriage to Gina for the past 25 years. Together they have six children (Alyssa, Daniel, Dayton, Kevin, Kayla, Kory). Costa’s personal interests include trips with his family in the RV, boating, dirt bike riding, raquete ball, and generally spending time with his family.